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New Zealand flag design Koru by Andrew Fyfe

This is a next generation SSB room server built in Go by the SSB NGI Pointer team, used to make connecting with friends easier on SSB apps. We want to help friendly 'butts connect to each other over the internet, and this room also makes it easy for any member to invite new folks. As long as people abide by the code of conduct, they are welcome to join!

  • Privacy mode: Community (Members can create invites, anyone may connect)
  • Default language: English (New Zealand)

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and any of our other identities!

Become a member!

This room is not open for everybody, because we want to create a safe space for Scuttlebutt friends to connect to each other. The room has a list of official members, as well as moderators who oversee the member list. A prerequisite is that you fully commit to our Code of Conduct. The moderators are there to make the Code of Conduct effective.

As a special bonus, members are given aliases, for example: 🍑

Joining with Manyverse (or another future SSB app with HTTP Invite support)

You can use an HTTP Invite to join very easily.

  1. (An existing member) Creates an invite in the dashboard and sends it to you as an HTTP link
  2. You open the link on your mobile phone, and follow the instructions on the page
  3. The SSB app will open up and you'll be connected to the room, done!

Joining with any SSB app

There is a simple hack that lets most SSB apps work with already today.

  1. Send your SSB ID to a moderator and they'll manually add you in the room's admin dashboard
  2. Wait for them to confirm that you were added
  3. Paste the following invite code into your SSB app (assuming your app already supports old-style rooms):

Who hosts

This room is hosted by @dinoworm 🐛 ( @6ilZq3kN0F+dXFHAPjAwMm87JEb/VdB+LC9eIMW3sa0=.ed25519, ), on Digital Ocean cloud infrastructure in Sydney, Australia.